Date Completed


Mill and overlay including removing and replacing 3,951 SY of existing asphalt 5” thick, edge mill 26,470 SY 14’ wide, profile mill 30,927 SY at 1” deep, sand crack fill 57,397 SY, and furnishing and placing 6,468 tons of D-1/2 High Volume asphalt with Forta-Fi fiber reinforcement. This project was delivered on time and on budget. The team proposed and the City accepted a Value Engineering option of using fiber reinforced asphalt, giving the city an additional mile of pavement without increasing the cost. This was a phased project divided into eight segments. A Traffic Control Plan was established by our specialty subcontractor, Metro Traffic, submitted to and approved by the City. Traffic closures were minimized in order to maintain traffic flow during peak and off-peak hours. JOC field crews utilized certified flaggers to maintain access for construction materials delivery without obstructing traffic flow. Banicki closely coordinated with City field inspectors to ensure inspection schedules were closely tied to planned nightly work, enabling the team to achieve schedule benchmarks. The JOC Division provided project cost estimating for over $1M worth of work within one week of the initial task order while successfully reducing overall project cost through the use of innovative fiber reinforcement materials.