Date Completed

The Apron A Reconstruction Project included the full depth removal and replacement of airports asphalt apron, as well as improvements to existing drainage and electrical system. The project was completed in 3 distinct phases to limit impacts construction would cause on airport operations and on ground airplane traffic. Banicki excavated a total of 9,000 CY of soil, placed 400 LF of 24” CMP storm drain, applied 25,000 SY of lime subgrade stabilization, placed 5,150 cubic yards of aggregate base course and paved 5,737 TN of asphalt. Banicki discovered during construction that the single road leading into the airport was to be replaced and removed, a change beyond Banicki’s control that could have resulted in schedule delays over a month and cost impacts exceeding $25,000. However, Banicki mitigated these cost and schedule impacts by collaborating with the Airport Authority and partnering with the project’s owner (City of Sedona) and the other contractor to develop a comprehensive and re-sequenced schedule for both projects. Banicki was able to revise its CPM schedule to allow for non-hauling operations to be ompleted as the roadway work was being completed.