Job Order Contracting Division

For over 15 years, the Banicki has provided the correct staffing, resources and materials to address the specific needs of JOC work. In 2006, we formed a dedicated JOC Division, with a Division Manager and personnel that work only on JOC contracts. Banicki will leverage these specialized resources, experience and knowledge to ensure best value of every work order assigned.

Banicki is recognized for its superior JOC management process, award-winning partnering methodology and technical capacity. Banicki brings key elements to the JOC management process including:


+ A highly qualified and experienced JOC Management Team with a proven track record of successfully delivered JOC and on-call contracts and task orders.

+ A corporate culture centered on worker safety.

+ An established firm history of successful public works and infrastructure improvements project delivery.

+ An ongoing strong reputation for well established, cooperative working relationships with municipalities, utility stakeholders and subcontractors across Arizona.

+ A construction approach focused on using the right personnel for the job, continued skill education and development at all levels of our organization.

+ A firm structure and methodology for incorporating quality subcontractors into the project life cycle.

+ A comprehensive understanding of the need and value for community and stakeholder involvement.