St. John’s Road Culvert Crossing Replacement


Maricopa County Department of Transportation


Maricopa County, Arizona

Date Completed

March 2015

Located on St. Johns Road between Palomino Road and Ray Road on the Gila River Indian Reservation, the original project scope specified the extension of culvert pipe and construction of MAG detail 501-1 headwalls at six locations identified as critically deteriorated. This included the removal of 500 lineal feet of culvert pipe, installation of 408 lineal feet of 18 inch, 331 lineal feet of 24 inch and 548 lineal feet of 30 inch Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) as well as restoration of asphalt pavement. During preconstruction, Banicki JOC field teams physically inspected each location specified, documenting the condition of pipe and facilities and determined that 100% of the pipe crossings were deteriorated and functionally inoperable. Banicki staff created a site conditions report and subsequently coordinated with the Gila River Indian Community and MCDOT to identify needed work while minimizing costs by combining mobilization and field crew phasing. As a result of this discovery effort, our JOC division completed 17 roadway crossings with 34 new headwalls on-time and on-budget with minimal impacts to traffic.