Featured Projects

Banicki recently completed an award-winning CMAR project at Scottsdale Airport (SDL), one of the busiest single-runway general aviation airports in the world. The project entailed a preplanned 39-day airport shutdown to facilitate the full reconstruction of runway 3/21. Numerous crews worked around the clock through one of the heaviest monsoon seasons on record to complete this aggressively scheduled project ahead of schedule. Watch the video below of the first flight to land at SDL after reopening the runway.

Welcome to the new age of confined space work. Our two new Low Profile Remote Controlled loaders can access limited and hazardous confined spaces to perform clean up or material handling operations. These proprietary machines make box culvert cleaning a snap with as little as 36” of clearance needed. In a dual role, these machines also video log the culvert conditions thus eliminating the need for human entry as required with traditional inspection.

Delivery Methods

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)


The CMAR deliver method involves a qualifications based selection process in which an Owner selects a Contractor to be their CMAR. After the selection of the CMAR by the Owner, the CMAR will enter into a Pre-Construction agreement and assist the Owners designer in completion of the project plans. The CMAR will perform plan reviews, constructability reviews and budgeting along the way. Once the plans are complete, the CMAR will give the Owner a price for the work. The Price is referred to as a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Banicki has numerous CMAR projects on our resume with varying scopes as a builder and as a consultant of the CMAR process.

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Design Build

Design Build is a method of project delivery in which a General Contractor joins up with a Designer and creates a Design Build team. The Design Build team works under a single contract with the Owner to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from the initial concept through final completion. Banicki has had several successful Design Build projects and partnerships with Designers and Owners.

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Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Job Order Contracting

A JOC is a qualifications based selection delivery method that Owners will utilize for smaller, repetitive, or commonly encountered construction projects. Usually a JOC will be a multi-year contract for a wide variety of tasks. An Owner will select a JOC contractor and distribute work through a task order or a job order agreement which will have the pertinent information for the task. Banicki has been involved in JOC work since 2006 and has successfully completed several hundred tasks.

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Design Bid Build

Hard Bid

A Hard Bid procurement is where the Owner hires a designer who then draws up project plans. After the creation and approval of the plans, the Owner bids the work out to qualified General Contractors either through invitation or advertising the bid. The lowest bidder wins the project and moves to the construction phase. At Banicki we have been involved in this delivery method since 1991.

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